The base of these socks is 85% cotton, which gives them a soft and cool touch against the skin, protecting the foot from external conditions.

Polyamide and elastane are necessary to give it elasticity and resistance and make these socks comfortable to wear

The colors do not suffer and remain intact wash after wash.



Each Napo & Leon product bears its number and is therefore unique.

The logo is included in one of the stripes on the top of each sock.

These fun socks are ideal to wear to the office to give an original touch to a classic style.

They can also be easily worn on the weekend with sneakers or with more formal shoes. They are ideal for the practice of sports such as Golf, Tennis or any outdoor activity.

Detalles Taravo


Our socks are resistant and comfortable, we offer two sizes ranging from 40 to 45 for a better adaptation to the foot and user comfort.

Available in two sizes:

  • 40/42
  • 43/45


This sock pack contains two pairs of Taravo socks in navy blue with the toe and heel detail in Napo & Leon Tangelo and a pair of Rizzanese socks in Maroon and Tangelo colors, all inspired by the immortal flowers they grow and perfume the island of Corsica and in the Mediterranean Sea which surrounds it.

Marine: Represents the impenetrable color of the Mediterranean Sea, far from the coast and the deep nights of its summers.

Tangelo: Inspired by the color of the summer sun on the Mediterranean islands. It is a yellow to orange, just like the immortal flower that never fades

Maroon: Represents the land of the south, a mixture of brown and orange that recalls the heat of the Mediterranean and its inhabitants. It is also the color of the stem of the immortal flower

Stamped color

Mix Colors


40-42, 43-45


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Mix Socks Pack – 3 units


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