The Ajaccio sweater is made with 100% Merino wool of the Cashwool type from the Italian yarn producer Baruffa.

Merino wool has properties that make it the best wool in the world.

  • It is thermoregulatory so it is not too warm between seasons, but it shelters.
  • It is the finest and most resistant among all the wools, which makes it very soft to the touch and durable.
  • It does not catch odors or stains, so its maintenance is easy and does not require frequent washing.
  • It does not make balls.

Baruffa is one of the best yarn producers in the world and has created a brand for its Premium merino wool, the Cashwool in reference to the resistance and softness of the product.

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This product can be washed by hand at 30º with a neutral soap, by machine in a special program for wool at a low temperature without spinning.

Dry flat, do not put in the dryer (if not, see our washing instructions)

You can also dry clean it.

Note from NAPO & LEON:

Only wash your product when necessary, (detergents end up polluting the oceans), enter the circle.


Each Napo & Leon product has its number on the neck label and is therefore unique.

His number is on the tag sewn in the interior of the garment.

Inside the right sleeve there is a small embroidery with the logo of the brand, very small to stay discreet. We did not want this hallmark to be too obvious for reasons of style and elegance, but we wanted the followers of Napo & Leon to be able to recognize each other.

The round neck is proportioned to allow the shirt collar to breathe. It is a model that you can interpret as you wish, if you want a more formal look you will choose a plain shirt, or a checkered shirt, with a button down collar that will give you a formal but relaxed look. It is a look inspired by the Ivy League and the United States of the 50s to 60s. Following the same inspiration, you can wear it with a plain polo for sports. Remember that merino wool does not absorb moisture and is antibacterial, so you can play sports comfortably and in style.

Due to its weight, 270g, this sweater will allow you to face the warm winter months but also start to enjoy your garment in autumn and spring.

The thread we have used is the 2/30, finer but used with two ends, for even greater resistance and softness. We wanted a tight construction to maximize the comfort of the garment.

Inside the neck, it features the contrast of the three iconic Napo & Leon lines, blends of “Maroon” and “Tangelo” inspired by the immortal flowers that grow in Corsica. The cut ensures a sporty and modern look. The back is wide and the chest tight to be able to mark the silhouette without losing mobility. We have brought back patterns from the 50s, which we have updated with current and modern shapes. The garment ends up being classic and timeless as well as current and modern.


Check our size guide.

If you like to wear looser clothes, and you doubt between two sizes, ask for the larger one. You can also contact us by phone or mail and we will help you choose the size that suits you best.

But do not suffer, if you do not like how it looks when the garment arrives, we will change it immediately. Check the return conditions, here


We choose the colors of our products with great care. The colors of the Ajaccio model are the classics that you need to have in your wardrobe.

Summer night: blueThis dark blue recalls the summer nights of the Mediterranean islands, in which the darkness is total and you only can appreciate the beauty of the stars. This color is the final point of distinction of any look (combinable with any color except black).

Green forest: This green recalls the great forests in autumn. It is an elegant and refined color, essential in any men’s wardrobe.

Marengo Grey: Marengo is a small town in northern Italy, immortalized by a major Napoleon victory in the Italian campaign. It was so important that it gave its name to this particular color, the same as the hood that the emperor used to wear. He also named his best workhorse Marengo.

Camel: Color inspired by the heat of the desert sands. This delicate shade of brown brings light to any look with which it is combined. Another essential color for your wardrobe.

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Camel, Charcoal gray, Ferrari red, Green bottle, Navy blue, Oak green


S, M, L, XL, XXL


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